6 Tricks To Decorating A Small and Pretty Balcony or Patio

As someone who has occupied many many apartments, I have come to appreciate the difficulties involved with trying to get that pesky teeny tiny apartment patio (or balcony) to look just as pretty as I want it to. Small space patios are often so blah and need extra loving. So without further ado, here is a list of 6 must haves for a fabulous small patio.

1. Somewhere to park your bottom is numero uno on the list. It can be a simple yet very cute chair like these from Mainstreet Stockholm

or something a little fancier like this hanging seat.

Find this VeraHang here

A place to sit is a must have. Besides, you’ll need somewhere to hang out while you relax with your morning coffee or evening wine. 😉
2. A place to set down said coffee mugs or wine glasses is also a must. It’s a small space so a little stand or wooden table like this one found on the Liz Marie Blog would be perfect! Anywhere you can place your phone, glass or book down while you soak in the sun outside would work!

3. Don’t underestimate the power of a bold rug or mat to add color and design to the patio. Old wooden floors or plain jane concrete can be spruced up with the right mat. Get creative with something like this chevron print rug seen on 1Decor that ties in the whole decor.

4. Plants and flowers! Whether it’s a whole flower garden or just a pop of green here and there, greenery brings new life to your small patio. I love the use of plants in the Everygirl Co-Founder’s apartment in the photo below.

5. Lighting is crucial. The good news is that it is also very versatile! If you are feeling brave, you can introduce lighting into your pretty space by lighting actual candles like these spotted in IKEA

You can even skip the fire hazard 😛 and go with stringed light decorations like these beauties from Alison Caporimo’s article.

Finally (and my personal fave), you can mix and match your lighting with some portable lanterns like the ones in the photo below from Planete Deco. Aren’t they pretty?!

6. Lastly and most important, don’t forget the comfort! A cozy blanket and an assortment of throw pillows will not only keep you super comfy while you hang out in your new pretty patio, but will also bring a new dynamic of decoration to your small space. Check out the curl-up-for-a-nap comfort spotted on the instagram of Home Of A City Mom.


Good luck on your patio adventures!
-Jasmine Marie

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